The demos below have been developed over some years, starting in the '80's. In the current form, they run on the PC even though I am a Mac® user. However, all demos work well on the Virtual PC® emulator for the Mac® (where all continued development and maintenance are going on) and probably any other Mac® PC emulator. Many of the first demos were implemented on the Apple II®, totally beyond reach in the modern era. Other pure programming demos were implemented first on a NeXT® computer (a precursor to the Mac OSX).

* When much of the work was done the web site server did not permit PC executables (.exe files) to download as such. Accordingly they have all been converted to .sip files compressed under Aladdin Stuffit® (.zip files also didn't work). The necessary decompressing program is accessible, as a trial or purchasable version (for Mac or PC) on the web site Later we will try to bypass this necessity. When using the associated links (highlighted by the asterisk*) it will be desirable to prevent any browser opening of the .sip file (by using the right mouse button to select [on a PC] or the Control key [on a Mac]). In Internet Explorer this form of selection displays a menu permitting file opening suppression; I haven't worked with Netscape or its Firefox successor on this. All of this should probably be reviewed; if you have difficulty, notify me.

The included demos are: