What Would it Take to Implement All of This?

ICL is designed as a fully professional computer language, not the kind of patch common to the process control industry. Only then can it provide the quality and trouble free character needed to support the process control user's documentation and usage, in an age of demanding business activity with limited time for control specialization.

As such, the implementation requires full system programming implementation and an implementation environment which can support the long term maintenance of such an effort. While most of the effort would fall within standard language programming practice some of its elements call for unusual aspects of that practice.

The site includes those demos which were most accessible. Earlier demos date back to Apple II. In the mid '80's a very rough demo of a working ICL was implemented with an early GUI builder. The ICL Activity figure, shown elsewhere in the site, was created from a specialized script using a program which generates Acrobat documents. This tool was written to create more generalized ICL examples, with a standardized appearance, for papers and other publications. But it does not process the intended ICL script and function. Nevertheless it is expected to provide the basis for upgrading the Idiom Documentation Tool to Acrobat, and for a later migration to progressively more complete ICL script processing.